Active Real Estate Investor Resources To Help Build Your Business

One of the most important things to Investors and to our Investor community is finding, networking and working with other investors, vendors, services, tools, contractors that we can “Trust”.  The below list of Investor Resources is just that – a list of vendors, services, tools, contractors that you can “Trust” and not only feel comfortable with using in your business but also feel comfortable referring to others to use as well.  Please share this list of Investor Resources with everyone to benefit from.


If your an Investor in Texas, unless you are a Realtor you need access to tools that allow you to pull true MLS comps in order to make valid offers on your deals.  If your investing in Texas and/or Indiana you’re fortunate and have several options available to you for pulling true MLS comps, each with various features and functionality.  Review your options below and give them a try and see which option best suites your business model.  With these tools available to you there is no need for using the “free” comps tools and risk making the wrong offers on a houses.

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MLS Deal Finder – Finding discounted and rental house deals has never been easier.   MLS Deal Finder offers your the fastest way to have deals delivered straight to your inbox within minutes of being listed on MLS.


  • Discounted and Rental Properties
  • Fast Evaluation
  • COMPS / CMA Reports
  • Real Time Email Notifications
  • Does most of the evaluation for you

Click here for a short demo of how the MLS Deal Finder system works for you.  Check out some  EXAMPLE DEALS here and how the tool works.

Use Promo Code “WestDFWREI” for 25% off


Investor Web Sites and Business Management Systems –

 – Do you want or need to “systemize” your REI business to better manage and grow?  Realeflow is the answer.  Realeflow is a one stop business management tool for investors/agents to manage their entire business, providing all the tools necessary including, marketing, list generation, prescreening buyers and sellers, communicating, document storage, paperless office, building and managing your buyers list, email notifications, marketing your deals to your personal buyers list as well as the community of more than 26,000 realeflow users, and is mobile optimized, all in one package.  Start your 60 Day Free Trial TODAY and get organized and do more deals.


Get your Texas MLS comps and motivated sellers list here.

Propelio – The Fastest Way To Get True MLS Comps In North Texas


  • True MLS Comps available 24/7* – No more depending on somebody else for your comps
  • CRM tailored specifically for Real Estate Investors with a Customizable Lead Management System
  • Comprehensive Motivated Seller Leads Daily – The Best Lead Lists Available for Purchase in DFW!
  • Real Estate Investor Websites, Landing Pages, and Email management systems coming in 2016
  • Start your 7 day free trial here and begin pulling True MLS comps in North Texas.


Get Texas and Indiana MLS comps here.

Investway – For Investors in the Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and Indiana, unless you have access to MLS for your comps, you need access to a service that provides data directly from MLS and Investway is one of those services.  You can pull your own COMPS data directly from MLS thru Investway.  Please go to Investway and register for your 7-day free trial.  Once registered, you can begin pulling TRUE comps directly from MLS and receive them in your email within minutes.  The other option is to have a Realtor pull them for you but then you are relying on someone else to support you.  You can also search MLS based on a variety of keywords to help locate more deals.  Start your 7-day free trial today and begin pulling your True MLS comps! 


Best Phone System Available –

SmartGuy800 / InfoNOW – If your an investor or real estate agent/broker or any business owner for that matter  and are looking for a phone “System” that does it all for you, SmartGuy800 is it.  It’s very affordable, tracks all incoming calls including calls using caller ID block and unknown callers, tracks your marketing effectiveness buy tracking your marketing sources, and allows you to easily refer leads and get paid.  Join here and get a 30-day money back guarantee and a $5.00 discount a month using promo code – TC123.  To learn more about what SmartGuy800 has to offer your business, watch this short video NOW!  There are many phone systems out there today to consider but this is the most powerful system I’ve seen yet and have converted my business to it.


Get your own best darn real estate investor web sites on the planet here NOW!

Investor Carrot –  Need a real estate website (I recommend these).  I probably get a few emails a week from fellow real estate investors asking me what real estate websites I recommend.  There are lots out there… tons of different prices… tons of different features… some confusing as heck to use… some simple… some are an overkill for 90% of investors… some don’t have enough features.  But, I found out about this one company a little while back…have been following them… and actually now use them myself for our own websites for our business.  My thoughts… =  really impressive.

Here’s their site: ==>>

**What I like:

– The websites are very clean and professional

– Fully customizable and don’t really look like template sites

– Very SEO friendly

– They focus on lead generation and traffic above all else.  So you won’t find a fancy crm in there, offer submitters, and other features some of those bloated systems cram in

– The team behind it and their support is the best I’ve seen in this market

– The “Lead Page” generator is cool. Quickest way to create great looking squeeze pages that work that I’ve seen.

Plus their support is top notch.

So, if you’re a real estate investor and are looking for a solid real website system for your business that works… but isn’t bloated and doesn’t try to do everything under the sun (they’re just really good at the traffic, lead gen, and credibility part of it)…

… check them out over here:

Tell them I sent ya 🙂

– Tim Cook
P.S. – While you’re over there you can take a demo so you can see what it does and doesn’t do so you can decide for yourself.  But another reason I’m telling you about this company is because their pricing is fair as heck….  you can get up and rolling for well under $100… which is crazy.  Here’s the site I highly recommend to check out:

Free RehabValuator Software – Download this free program and finally stop spinning your wheels:  click here to get your free software

  • Here’s what you can do with the no-cost version of the program:
    • Wholesalers:– Calculate exactly what to offer on any property!- Evaluate 2 different exit strategies for your wholesaler buyers!- Filter out which deals to go after based on what your buyers want, all in seconds!- Create a marketing summary you can send your buyers!
    • Rehabbers:– Figure out what to pay for any property in seconds!- Analyze cash deals or ones that require financing- Figure out the best exit strategy for any property- and much more!  click here to get your no-cost software Nobody out there gives away software like this and it won’t be available for long!

Community Buying Group – Want to SAVE more money on your rehabs and make your business more profitable?  Investors, rehabbers, join for free and earn significant savings/discounts on all your rehab needs and places such as Lowes, Sherwin Williams and many more services that we all use as real estate investors.  You may also use Group ID DFW1231 at at the top of the page.  Join us today and start saving.  NOTE:  For maximum savings you must connect your Community Buying Group account to your Lowes LAR account.  Contact Customer service if you need help at or (816) 282-6310 Ext 104.  NOTE:  You MUST connect your CBG and Lowe’s accounts to save the most money. – Interested in investing in Real Estate?  Have money but no Time?  Cash buyers, private lenders and/or JV partners come visit us here. – Want to learn more about our Private Lender program and how you can profit?  Click the link to order your FREE CD and learn how you can profit.

Virtual Assistant (VA) ServicesDo Less, Make More, Hire a Personal VA Today!  Are you finding it a challenge to get everything done in your business that you want/need to do to become successful, make more money, and get your time back?  Hire a Virtual Assistant to Grow Your Business – Go here to learn more about our services offered or contact Tim for details TODAY!  NOTE:  Our VAs are also trained on managing your RealeFlow account as well so you can spend more time on tasks that make money.   – Need More Deals?  Add yourself to our new Buyers List here to receive new hot deals in your area.

Additional Income Opportunities –

EmpowerU2.WhyAmbitWorks.comEarn true passive income helping others save money in their utility bills in 13 states.

EmpowerU2.GoAmbit.comEarn true passive income helping others save money in their utility bills in 13 states.

Earn Discount and FREE Electricity – Learn how to save 10% to 30% off your electric and natural gas bills in 17 states today and expanding and you can also earn FREE electricity and gas for Life!  Landlords, why not earn your electricity and natural gas for free from all your rentals?   Do the math on free-for-life.  Ask Tim How!

Mailing Companies – – Do your own post card and letter mailings CHEAP!

Owner Financed Homes

Own A Texas Home  – Why rent when you can own?  At Own A Texas Home we specialize in helping families STOP throwing their hard earned money away on rent and help them purchase the home of their dreams.  We don’t care much about credit – if you have a reasonable down payment and can afford the home we can help.  Come visit us today!  If you have a buyer for one of our homes, let’s connect and both make some money.

Property Tax Assistance – Learn anything and everything about your property taxes HERE.

Property Tax Account Research
  1. Collin Co
  2. Dallas Co
  3. Denton Co
  4. Johnson Co
  5. Parker Co
  6. Tarrant Co

Tax Appraisal District Sites –
Collin Co –

Dallas Co – 

Erath Co –

Hood Co –

Johnson Co –

Parker Co –

Tarrant Co –

Public Records Searches – Great for background and criminal checks  – Get local rental rates – Free local rental rates – People Search – People Search

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Skip TracerFor those hard to find sellers/owners I recommend you use Find The Seller .  They are very reasonable and good at what they do.  This can be used to locate your sellers but also if you have a tenant buyer move out on you this may help as well.

Title CompanyIf you need a great title co for closing your deals and are in the Dallas Fort Worth area, I highly recommend you use Texas Secure Title Co in Fort Worth.  Call Martin Garcia at (817) 519-8800 and tell him Tim sent you.

West DFW REI Group -If you live in the Dallas Fort Worth area come visit us the first Saturday of each month in West Fort Worth to network, sell your deals, and learn the real estate investing business.  Bring your questions, deals and lots of business cards and let’s make some money together.  For details and registration go to TODAY!  I look forward to meeting, networking, and making some $$$$ together.  Register NOW!


On a “time-available” basis I offer Mentoring to new and seasoned investors.  To learn more contact me for details by clicking on the Contact Us button on our homepage.


Need help but don’t feel you need weekly or monthly mentoring?  I offer Consulting on an hourly/job basis.  This works really well for walking thru your first deal or your first rehab to help you get a good understanding of what I would do if I were to rehab the house.  Contact me to discuss your needs today.

Not seeing what you are looking for, give me a call.  Being in the business since the year 2000 we have accumulated tons of Investor web site resources that we may share if asked for.  Call Tim at (817) 550-5069 Ext# 3000 and I’ll do my best to help you.